A young girl who was born with no legs became a professional gymnast at the age of 8… She shares her story…

The tale of this young child can teach us all a few things.

This young child is living proof that, despite obstacles, you can achieve anything if you have a strong drive!

We’re going to introduce you to a little gymnast named Paige Calendine today. Paige was born without legs, yet she overcame this obstacle to excel in the sport.

Since she was born with no legs, Paige has had a severe impairment. But the girl showed a keen interest in watching gymnasts perform from a young age, and her parents sought to get her to her first practice. That was how it all started. Initially, Paige worked out to stay in shape because she needed strong arms due to her eccentricities.

But with time, this pastime developed into something more. She currently competes for the Ohio State gymnastics team at the age of eight. I feel like gymnastics is my calling, so I won’t stop doing it, she declared. I want to continue working out plans and competing in sports.

The support of loved ones, the coach, and even teammates is, nevertheless, what matters most.

Paige is also interested in archery, swimming, and cheerleading in addition to gymnastics. Her parents are pleased that their daughter smiles so often and make sure to get her to all of her favourite hobbies on time.

Even at such a young age, Paige is thinking very seriously about competing in the Paralympics.

By the way, Paige met Liliya Podkopayeva at the Arnold Gymnastics Challenge in the US, where the Ukrainian was competing as a two-time Olympic champion from Atlanta in 1996.

Podkopayeva praised Paige on her Instagram page, writing, “Paige is an inspiration to all of us, not letting any physical limitations stand in the way of her objectives and passion of gymnastics.” She included a picture of themselves together.

It’s amazing how well this resilient young child is doing.

What a wise young lady.

My eyes are welling up with tears, oh my gosh. The girl has incredible willpower.

«That’s fine, darling, don’t be scared; go ahead! Everything will be alright! — In the comments, Liliya Podkopaeva’s fans praised the young woman.