Adorable dog goes around with his closest friend, who is NOT his owner…

A canine-like Mundu likes pumpkins as a treat. The little pumpkin that Canine’s mother gave him is incredibly beloved. Mundu is inseparably bound to his temporary pumpkin. And he wouldn’t consume it.

As long as they are together, Mundu’s world is a little closer to completion. When he was a dog, I gifted him a pumpkin to test whether he still liked it.

Fortunately, Mundu loved it even more than he liked it. The thankful dog has taken the pumpkin in as a personal friend and travels with it everywhere.

In the garden, they even shared a bed. James commented, “It’s becoming a little disgusting now that it’s got some teeth marks in it. He likes to hold it and toss it about.

He will throw it somewhere before attacking it. Additionally, he just takes it and sits with it.

It prefers to always be touching you in some way since it is so delicate and caring, James said.

He is also incredibly sensitive; if you cry, he will move from wherever he is to see what’s seriously wrong.