An old woman who only receives a pension spends all of her money each day cooking meals for the homeless…

Cindy, a retired social worker, lost her spouse, Adam, at age 35, and it was the cruelest loss she had ever experienced. Her life would transform over the ensuing decades into a gloomy, haunting nightmare of loss, loneliness, and suffering.

She was 69 years old when she retired and had no family to speak of. Cindy’s sole recollections are of her deceased husband, their unrealized desire to have children, and the difficult time she experienced growing up on the streets with her homeless parents.

Even though they were only momentarily homeless following a hurricane, Cindy’s soul was forever changed, and she will never forget it.

Anyone who knew about Cindy’s retirement assumed that she had contentedly sat down to take advantage of her pension. It wasn’t a gift of money. She deserved every cent for all of her years of commitment and labor.

She wasn’t expecting what she would see that evening. She turned off the tv when she heard a loud knock at her door and got up to answer.

Cindy could have easily lived off of her stipend in peace, but she didn’t want to. Her thoughts were also troubled by the homeless persons she regularly observed in the subway station on her route to work. They brought back memories of her early years and her parents’ struggles to provide at least one healthy meal per day.

Cindy was happy to have left the streets and the suffering of homelessness, but she felt bad that so few people were so fortunate. She then used her whole pension to buy food and prepare meals for 25 of her familiar homeless neighbors.

Cindy began her day in the kitchen every morning at an early hour. She started by making enormous batches of oatmeal and packing them into numerous throwaway containers. She would then begin preparing sandwiches, followed by tortillas and vegetables. His weekend menu featured burgers and steak wraps.

Cindy eating whatever she made for the homeless wouldn’t be a surprise. She never made an effort to be unique or apart from others. Additionally, it wasn’t simple to prepare dinner for so many people each day, including herself.

But there she was, doing everything in her power to feed the starving individuals she knew. At the subway station, the homeless never thanked Cindy for her generosity. Even when they inquired about her residence, she steadfastly resisted giving them her address.

She would often quip, “I’m just an elderly lady who doesn’t want you to go to bed hungry.” Who knew, though, that one day one of the guys would stealthily follow Cindy and her pals, collect all of their homeless friends the following night outside Cindy’s house?

“Get moving! We need to arrive on time. The man, Jonathan, stated, “We have to surprise her. Her fellow members of the homeless group concurred and proceeded to Cindy’s house. She was unaware that they were approaching her with something unfathomable.

Cindy had left the kitchen that day to rest. Not that she’s worn out or given up, though. She had provided non-perishable snacks for the homeless throughout the weekend.

Cindy took a break, but she still made sure those who relied on her had enough to eat. What a kind soul Cindy was! She wasn’t expecting what she would see that night, though. She turned off the television when she heard a loud knock at her door and got up to answer.

“Who visited me at this time? She questioned. “One second, I’ll be there.”

The 25 homeless persons she had fed were present on her terrace. I swear to God! How did you discover my address, and what got you here? She sobbed when Jonathan approached her carrying a box. Cindy was taken aback.

They shouted, “Happy birthday!” which startled Cindy. They sang, “Happy birthday, happy birthday sweetheart,” while Cindy sobbed in shock.

It turned out that without Cindy’s knowledge, Jonathan and a few homeless individuals had followed her home the previous evening. They overheard her on the phone informing someone that she wouldn’t be leaving the following day as it was her 70th birthday.