After 43 years of separation, this mother find her daughter and…

A mom and daughter who had been apart for 43 years have now been reunited.

When the girl’s young mother fled an abusive marriage and realized she couldn’t take care of her baby daughter, the girl was given up for adoption.

For the subsequent 43 years, Beth noticed her mother’s likeness in every stranger. Is the person passing me on the street or standing in line behind me my birth mother? That wonder has always existed, remarked Beth.

She was brought up as Beth Stewart by her adoptive family in a caring environment. But despite this, she continued to wonder who her real family was. She took matters into her own hands and started looking for her mother since she didn’t want to be kept in the dark.

Beth made the decision to begin looking for information about her birth mother after turning 18 years old. She eventually learned that the information she was looking for was sealed, which put an end to her hunt.

Beth found it disappointing, but she didn’t give up and kept seeking for other choices. Then Beth realized she could find her birth mother by registering with a well-known genealogical website, which was how she got to that realization.

Unexpectedly, Beth found someone connected to her on the internet. Beth, though, had never met them.

It was another user of the website, Annette Gajewski. Beth’s biological mother, Annette, had always been concerned about her. Just like Beth was looking for her mother, she too was looking for her long-lost daughter.

As the years passed, Annette lost hope in ever finding her daughter, so she was thrilled to learn through the website that she had a match—and that the individual was in fact her daughter.

God was the one who made it possible for them to reconnect after all this time! To meet Annette, Beth took a flight from Arizona to a terminal in Michigan. The mother and daughter hugged for a tearful reunion that they would never forget.

“Compared to the first time I ever held her, it was like a million times better. Annette said, “I just, never thought the day would arrive.

Because her mom is no longer a stranger, Beth can stop wondering who she is. Annette affirmed, “She’s always been here, and she’s always been in my heart.”

What a wonderful opportunity it must have been for the two to eventually run into each other again.

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