While eating lunch, Grandma and her grandchild were unaware that a great moment awaited them…

While eating lunch, Grandma and her grandchild were unaware that a pleasant surprise awaited them!

Two strangers who were out on a dinner date with each other decided to pay for the two people’s meals, and the recipients were an Arizona grandma and her grandson.

In Chandler, Arizona, Gretchen Caiazzo was having supper with her grandson Cole, who was 14 at the time.

While they were enjoying themselves, they were absolutely unaware that a delightful surprise was about to arrive.

A couple was enjoying their lunch, paying attention to the sensitive moments they were creating by sharing it together and recalling the past. They would remember those moments for a very long time to come, Cole in especially.

They were unprepared when it came time to pay for the lunch. The server informed Gretchen that a couple had paid for their dinner and delivered her a letter that had been left by the couple.

We enjoyed witnessing your lovely date, the message read. We started talking about how much we miss the times we had with our own grandparents.

This time is very precious. The fact that you two are making memories together truly appeals to me. Take pleasure in one another. May God grant Vernon and Christine His blessings.

Cole’s father, Adam, posted a picture of the letter to social media along with a statement that expressed his gratitude and excitement: “Random acts of generosity astound me!!! Even on the days when it seems impossible to find, I am very grateful that there is still kindness and beauty in our world.