After 64 years of their marriage, 82-year-old man continues to give flowers to his wife on their anniversary day…

On your anniversary, it’s customary but lovely to give your partner flowers. Many women, and even some men, appreciate receiving a floral bouquet. However, as a relationship develops and a partner gets to know you more, you could find that delivering flowers less frequently.

Things aren’t the same for 82-year-old Melvin Bickel of Union County. He made it a custom to give his wife flowers on their anniversary every year after they got married 64 years ago. After more than 60 years of marriage, Melvin continues to follow the floral custom.

Giving your partner new flowers once a year may seem straightforward, but Melvin goes above and above, quite literally. In fact, he makes the hour-long trip to Scott’s Floral and Gifts in Danville to get her a lovely bouquet of roses to take home.

Since I have been purchasing them from them for years, they do a fantastic job over there, Melvin stated. He doesn’t intend to get his wife’s anniversary flowers from any other florist due to the excellent service and high caliber.

Melvin made the decision to add one extra rose to his wife’s bouquet for each consecutive year that they have been together in order to increase romanticism.

When it reached number 13, I merely began adding one to make it unique. It had originally started with a dozen. Now that I’ve continued, it would be impossible to quit.

Melvin is unwilling to stop. He shows his real love, Lois, how much he cares for her by giving her roses every year.