After 87 days, the mother gave birth to her daughter’s twin sister, and here is how they look now!

When Maria and Chris Jones-Elliot learned they were having twin girls, they were overjoyed. They were anticipating the arrival of two younger sisters at once because they already had an older son and daughter.

The names Amy and Katie were predetermined by the couple for the girls. Although the twins were due to arrive in September, things didn’t go according to schedule. Being in her 24th week of pregnancy at the end of May, Maria sensed that she would give birth soon. She went to the closest clinic, where she gave birth to her daughter Amy on June 1.

Despite being born early, the infant felt perfectly normal considering that she barely weighed 540 grams. But her sister took her time giving birth. The mother’s unique physical characteristics allowed her to continue to wait for her term.

Only 87 days after her twin sister’s birth, on August 27, 2012, Maria gave birth to Katie. Katie was about 44 cm tall and weighed 2550 kilos.

At practically the same time, the twins were given permission to return home. Although Amy had gained a lot of weight by that point, she was still visibly smaller than her sister.

The girls, whose births were separated by over 3 months, instantly caught the interest of journalists. Additionally, they broke a world record, which the Guinness Book of Records officials noted.

Despite being identical twins, Amy and Kathy share two birthdays. And both girls get gifts and congratulations for each of them.

Amy had nearly caught up to her younger sister’s development by the time she was a year old. The girls’ personalities seemed to be radically distinct, despite the twins’ striking resemblance in appearance.

Although Katie is just 7 years old and Amy is already 8 years old, she will soon celebrate her birthday and catch up to her sister. This year, the twin girls are already getting ready to start second grade in elementary school. They pick things up quickly and support one another at all times.

To make it simpler for classmates and teachers to distinguish between the girls, their names are written on their backpacks. However, given that their girls were born 87 days apart, parents might readily identify many differences between them.