In a collection of humorous footage from her show, Carol Burnett turns sentimental…

One of the most amazing TV success stories in American history is “The Carol Burnett Show.” Carol shares her fond memories of the past during interviews.

We’ve got a fantastic one-two punch of celebrity guests, Steve Martin and Betty White,” Carol says as she introduces old footage. Steve and Betty are both members of the surfer gang. I simply adore surfers, says Betty. I feel goosebumps all over when I smell Coppertone for some reason. I understand what you mean, replies Steve. I react similarly when I smell axle grease.

The audience chuckles as Carol talks over the next video. In Hawaii, one of my favorite destinations, it’s always summer. Tudball and Wiggins got to leave the office and enjoy some time in the sun with Mrs. Tudball in our final season. Wiggins takes a seat next to Mr. Tudball in a beach chair. The chair lowers to the ground when she sits down in it. She becomes perplexed and bounces on it as the audience laughs.

Bob Mackie believed that for Mrs. Tudball, we should “go big or go home,” according to Carol. Vicki Lawrence’s character, Mrs. Tudball, is shown getting out of the chair with it stuck to her protruding butt in the footage. She then walks off the beach, still wearing it.

Summer means camping, family time, and time spent in nature, according to Carol. Some people err on the side of au naturel than others. One of our VIP sketches in which we would scout the neighborhood for intriguing folks.

When Harvey queries my persona, “What do nudists do for fun?” We have dances every week, I remarked. The following line from Harvey was, “Well, how do nudists dance?” And I said, “Very carefully,” in my line. That line was rejected by the censors. Therefore, we chose the punchline “Nudists dance “Cheek to cheek.”

“Well, looking back at these shows has me feeling all warm inside,” says Carol. What do you think—should we go to the beach? The surfboards will be taken by you, and I’ll just go get dressed in my suit. I’m going to be there. The wonderful nostalgic film comes to a close as Carol dons her sunglasses.

Watch the vide below!