After her dad’s passing, the heiress’s life in London was left with a “great hole.” She shares her story here!

It is difficult for Stella, Jean-Paul Belmondo’s youngest child, to lose her father, who was always there to support her. The young lady learns to live without him despite the sorrow of it and continues her education in London.

A hallowed symbol of French cinema, Jean-Paul Belmondo passed away a year ago, leaving his four children with a significant hole in their hearts.

In fact, after the actor passed away from a stroke, Paul, Patricia, Florence, and Stella, the youngest, lost their fathers.

You should be aware that Bebel had to grow up with a significant age gap from her siblings because she was born on Bebel’s 70th birthday. She was not close to them, but her ailing father was not at all like that.

The young woman was quite close to him, and his disappearance was difficult for her. And Stella finally managed to talk about this absence a year after her demise.

Stella was her father’s “final great love” and the offspring of Jean-Paul Belmondo and former ballerina Natty Tardivel. She was his “joie de vivre, a lovely gift of life,” according to the late actor. With his youngest, Jean-Paul was kinder and funnier than he was with his elders.

The “Ace of Aces” anticipated his departure because he had his final child at a certain age. Additionally, young Stella was fully aware of this depressing truth. Before his youngest child was born in 2003, the father of the family, who had already suffered a stroke, made him a very important promise.

“You know, one day I won’t be here anymore,” he said to me. We both understood that time was short, and yes, I was aware that he intended to wait until I was of legal drinking age. The eldest daughter of the man who appeared as the protagonist in the 1981 movie “The Professional” said, “He battled to the death for that.

Stella, who just turned 19, thinks that her father was able to “get through those more difficult years” because of her presence, “without any pretense.” She “was for him a motivation to continue,” the adolescent is “glad” to know.
Stella claims her father never showed her “the picture of a sick parent,” instead serving as an example of “patience,” “generosity,” and “kindness.” During her interview with Paris Match, she also said that he never complained, “despite the challenges.” She met her father, nonetheless, in a “not so easy” circumstance.

You should be aware that “six months or even two months ago,” she would not have been able to discuss her father’s absence. She chose to avoid discussing the topic since it was “always difficult,” in contrast to the other family members who have always praised the actor.

Even among those close to Stella Belmondo, talking about her father’s passing was difficult for her. She was reluctant to give the interview to Paris Match, but after she did, she was glad she did so that the memory of what they had gone through would endure. The young blonde opened up about her bond with her niece Annabelle in an interview with the same publication.

“Even though we don’t get to see one other very frequently, we are always delighted when we do. Stella said, “I am quite close to Annabelle, with whom I spend a lot of time, and who frequently appears with me at events. Florence’s daughter.”

“I was an only child who lived. Even though we occasionally got together—for birthdays, for instance—I missed having tighter ties, said Paul Belmondo’s younger sister in the Paris Match columns.
Despite everything, she can rely on her mother to give her emotional support. We must not overlook the public, who continues to express their fervent support for the late actor’s children.

Despite the ongoing absence, Natty’s daughter carries on with her life as usual.

The person who left “a great gap” in Stella’s life had to be taught how to live without them. Annabelle’s young aunt then presented her studies project at Gala in December 2021. She had to have the guts to acknowledge it after her father’s death, which she later admitted was “extremely painful.”

“Leaving everything behind to relocate to a new place where I knew no one and enrolling in a massive institution was a shock. I had to gain independence, which is amazing in and of itself, but it had to happen just when I lost my father,” said the young student, who is now living in London.

After nearly giving up, she spoke up for her father and claimed that he “would never have given up” if he had been in her shoes. The young lady is currently doing her mother proud by studying business management and international relations. The daughter of Bebel attends school in both Paris and London.

She must now learn to live in a house either alone or with a roommate, as she no longer has her dad by her side to make her giggle and “cuddle.”