The judges were pleasantly impressed by the 64-year-old man’s abilities… VIDEO attached!

In the opening scene of the video, a 64-year-old man named Kenny Petrie is seen bending over to open a case. As they watch, the judges speculate about what might be at stake.

They had low expectations for this act, as evidenced by Simon’s expression when they first see the guitar. This first disappointment, though, passes quickly.

In fact, they are astounded as soon as the music starts. The opening riff from Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way,” which many people know by heart, is played by Kenny.

Both the judges and the broadcasts are completely taken aback. Nobody anticipated this music coming from this man. A brief cut to the video shows him performing a different song.

Kenny is currently simply enjoying himself as he rips over the entire length of the guitar like it’s nothing. In addition to his age, Kenny stands out from many other artists due to his confidence.

Kenny is playing with evident focus, but he’s clearly grinning and loving the music. Kenny clearly knows how to manipulate a crowd as he bounces around the stage and scans the crowd.

Kenny has the amazing ability to make Simon smile! The judges couldn’t wait to tell him how impressive they thought he was once he finished playing. The judges now refer to Kenny as a “rock god,” and he rapidly garnered four “Yes” votes to advance in the competition.