Age does not matter if the person has talent and this was the exact case for that! VIDEO attached!

Each day, we hear a lot about young people who have skills and have used them to reach tens of thousands of people throughout the world. We hardly ever see situations where people over 60 try their talent, and it should be emphasized that they are often declared the winners. A 64-year-old man who carried his happy feelings to the stage is today’s skilled elderly hero.

When 64-year-old Kenny Petrie entered the competition, everyone—including the judges—was taken aback. They were quite pleased with the speech and expressed their appreciation for it. The old man appeared to feel better as a result of their smiles.

Kenny, 64, enters the stage with a guitar right away to begin the performance. Nobody questioned his preparedness as they awaited his address with great interest and impatience. He, however, shocked everyone with his extraordinary talent. The jury members began paying attention as the music gradually began, and Kenny just took pleasure in the spotlight and the audience as he played the notes so skillfully and softly.

He started leaping around on stage like a kid while performing. Instead of a 64-year-old granddad, it appeared as though an 18-year-old was giving a performance. Everyone rose to their feet and gave Kenny a standing ovation at the conclusion of his address. The jury members stood as well and clapped for the elderly man.

He was a very intelligent individual who performed admirably for everyone. Words were pointless because everything was trustworthy and carefully thought out. The elderly man can set a good example for many young people after this speech. There are numerous instances that demonstrate that while age is unimportant, the youth of the soul is.

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