Amazingly powerful choir competes with the house on “British Got Talent.” Are you ready for the results?

In these series of “Britain’s Got Talent” clips, choirs take center stage and astound the judges and audience. The first group has 75 voices and is referred to as the “School Presentation Choir.”

By adding incredible dance to a tribal tune, they improve their performance. In their school uniforms, which include plaid skirts, white shirts, and ties, the girls perform with excellent harmony and rhythm.

At the start of the choir’s performance, Simon Cowell compliments the choir director on how cute she is. The second group, “The Welsh Choir, Côr Glanaethwy’s,” performs on stage with more than a hundred adult, teen, and young singers.

They exclaim, “Hosanna in Excelsis!” while carrying candles and are dressed entirely in black.

The audience loves the enormous sound! The following ensemble, “Revelation Avenue,” has just 12 singers.

But their energetic performance and carefully rehearsed movements make them appear even bigger on stage!

singing Katy Perry’s song “Roar” in close harmonies and a gospel-like tone.

They completely rock the house with their distinctive voices and theatrics!

The judges and crowd give Revelation Avenue a standing ovation as addition to the “Golden buzzer.”

The next group, “The 100 voices of Gospel,” enters the stage and sings “This Little Light of Mine” while dressed as a church choir.

A soloist riffing on the first verse enables the astounding sound of the enormous chorus.

Six performers rush on stage to do dance and gymnastics. The choir sings loudly and swiftly, filling the theater with their voices. Everyone is clapping along to the gospel beat.

They get a standing ovation from the experts and the “Golden buzzer.”

Since he wanted to press the buzzer first, Simon becomes furious.

An all-female elementary school choir and an all-boy teen chorus are featured in this video together with two other great choirs.

Their voices rise as they motivate the crowd.

You cannot overlook the strength and harmony of these choirs!

Here is the video: