An elderly veteran responds to a stranger’s invitation to Disneyland in the best possible way…

Isaiah Garza, a young man, was aware of the struggles some individuals faced every day. He was homeless once, and he knew what it was like. Garza, a designer and public speaker now residing in Los Angeles has always believed that he can improve the lives of others and perhaps even motivate them to succeed. Recently, the designer made a 100-year-old veteran’s day better.

After Rihanna was photographed wearing one of Garza’s designs of jewelry in a French magazine, Garza went on to have a great career. Garza’s design company was flourishing, which allowed him to make a sizable sum of money that he could use to make people’s days a little better.

To encourage others to be kind, he even posted about the not-so-random act of kindness online and shared it with his friends and followers. For instance, Garza just invited William Goode, a 100-year-old veteran, on vacation to Disneyland. Goode, who believed his life was finished, was ecstatic. He could never think of accepting an invitation from a total stranger to one of the most stunning locations.

The South Gate resident, a veteran of 100 years, never anticipated embarking on such a journey. However, Nelva Agular, Goode’s caregiver, made this happen. On Craigslist, she discovered an advertisement for paid employment for an elderly person.

She got in touch with Garza and told him about Goode. Agular was severely instructed by the designer not to discuss the advertisement with the senior individual. He requested her to take Goode to a neighboring park instead. Garza approached Goode at the park and explained that he had a difficult day and was wondering if he would be willing to accompany him to Disneyland.

The fact that a total stranger agreed to drive Goode to Disneyland startled him. As a result, he questioned, “You would truly take me?” He was unable to believe what was taking place. Later, Goode admitted that it had been more than 50 years since he had taken a ride. Nevertheless, they enjoyed their trip immensely.

Garza was overjoyed to have succeeded in making Goode smile. A wonderful connection between two strangers was sparked by this journey. Goode responded, “I would remember that journey for the rest of my life,” when questioned about his adventurous trip. Garza had made the decision to make a bucket list with Goode and wanted to cross each item off the list together.

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