An interesting story about why a lynx climbed to the top of a 15-meter cactus…

This is not a narrative about a domestic cat; rather, it is about a wild cat.

Because the photographer managed to capture an animal that had nestled on top of a big cactus, the shot of a wild lynx has become something of a legend.

It was revealed that the history behind this photo is quite dramatic.

As it turned out, everything began when the cougar made the decision to begin hunting lynx. This was the event that set everything in motion.

Although these two creatures share a common ancestor, the cougar has chosen, in this instance, to disregard the relationship between them.

When the cougar attacked the lynx, the lynx had no choice but to run away because it was the only option available.

The lynx attempted to flee, but her strength was dwindling and she required shelter immediately.

In spite of the fact that there is no place to hide in the Arizona desert, a large cactus managed to get in the path of the animal.

The lynx climbed to the very top of the tree without stopping to consider before leaping on its prey.

It is impossible for a larger and heavier cougar to replicate the “manoeuvre” and climb to a height of 15 meters using this method.

The potential threat circled the cactus for a bit before moving on to investigate other potential sources of food.

The lynx made the decision to wait it out a little longer on the upper level to be sure the threat had passed. The citizens of a nearby town have been made aware of the situation.

The location was visited by wildlife enthusiast Kurt Fongen, who captured a one-of-a-kind photograph of a lynx sitting on a cactus.

Following the dispersal of the people, the lynx descended and fled the area. After some time had passed, Kurt went back to examine the cactus.

The man looked for any indication that the lynx had been hurt while it was climbing the cactus, but he did not locate any. The cactus did not sustain any injuries either.

Because, in the state of Arizona, causing damage to cactus of this type can result in a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

Kurt makes light of the situation by joking that the lynx was able to evade capture.

It was tough to grow Sargo cactus since they were on such an animal as the sargophagus.

One seed out of every thousand has a chance of germinating, and it takes a plant at least three hundred years to grow to a height of fifteen meters.