He lets his classmate copy his exam while he waits in line to hand it in… Smart and kind…

When taking a test, whether at a high school or a university, it is natural to experience feelings of anxiety. However, time grows more and more critical as the time to return it approaches near.

In these situations, there are actions that demonstrate what genuine friendship between students entails, despite the fact that this interpretation is not entirely accurate.

Flores uploaded the video to his Instagram account, which is @ale flores1407; it depicts the exact moment that a student finishes his exam, but before turning in the answer sheet, he chooses to display it to a buddy instead of turning it in.

The young man places his arms behind his back in a waiting stance, turns over the sheet that has been finished, and then allows his companion to copy all of the answers that the young man is plainly having difficulty finding.

It seems that the young man does not care about the ramifications that this gesture could entail: he took chances to lend a hand to his friend.

There is a possibility that many students may protest to this change: after all, copying is the simplest solution for students who are not motivated to learn, but there are other students who experience feelings of insecurity even when they have prepared adequately for their tests.

Over 8 million people have viewed the video that was uploaded to TikTok.

In addition, the behavior of the two young children evoked feelings of nostalgia in users who were reminded of themselves during their time in school when they saw it.

“It brought back memories of when I would do that to my friends when I was in school! Actually, they weren’t all my buddies, but I never paid attention to it.

I constantly helped others in the need in similar situations,” one girl wrote. “He is not a friend; he is a brother, and you should keep him close to you!” remarked one of the users.