As punishment, loving father makes his daughter miss homecoming and senior prom and deletes all of her social media accounts…

A father reveals his horror at learning his daughter, Sam, was involved in tormenting a girl to the point where she had to leave school, including episodes of racial discrimination, in a story of parental disappointment and difficult decisions. When confronted with this frightening news, the father sought a penalty that went beyond the confiscation of equipment.

Sam’s father enforced severe punishments, including a suspension from homecoming and senior prom, the deletion of her social media accounts (particularly Instagram), and the loss of a car for her forthcoming 18th birthday. Despite Sam’s requests to attend these “once-in-a-lifetime events” and protests over losing her Instagram account, which had unsaved memories, the father stayed firm, emphasizing the need to combat racial bullying.

To make matters worse, the family was temporarily staying with the grandparents while their house was being renovated. While the grandparents recognized the gravity of Sam’s acts, they felt the limits imposed were excessive. In search of support for his choice, the father appealed to the public, eliciting a wide variety of reactions to the harshness of the penalty.

Many others backed the father’s stern approach, highlighting the need for consequences in instilling a sense of responsibility. Allowing Sam to back up her images before deactivating her Instagram account was suggested. Other respondents shared their own experiences with bullying while highlighting the long-term emotional suffering resulting from racial prejudice.

Among the mixed reactions, the father was encouraged to take the offense seriously, emphasizing the need to teach children the enormous impact their actions have on the lives of others. Some readers suggested looking into what other parents did, while others assured the father that Sam would be OK without a vehicle or prom attendance.

Finally, the story evolves as a narrative of parental determination in the face of a terrible reality, encouraging contemplation on the repercussions of one’s choices and parents’ obligation to teach such lessons to their children.