Dancing to «Footloose» at Target, this guy turns heads with laughter

Funny videos are one of the new significant trends that technology has brought about. People all across the world act out in amusing ways with the goal of going viral.

This man thought dancing to the popular song «Footloose» at Target would make for some amusing film.

The song is on his iPod, so only he can hear it, which is the funniest part!

He surely turned heads and brightened the day of an unexpected visitor!

This young man dances to «Footloose» in public areas, yet only he can hear the music.
We’ve all seen the great film Footloose; if you haven’t, you should!

The dancing routines in the film are timeless and have been imitated by many individuals since their release. This one may take the cake; watch as he dances his heart out without fear!

The video opens with him in the midst of a Target, just starting to jump around to the music.

He appears out of nowhere a few seconds later and begins to demonstrate his hilarious dance techniques.

His footwork and dance talents are excellent, as he dances to «Footloose» in a variety of public settings!
After he gets some laughs from Target shoppers, the video cuts to an arcade where he goes free, even completing a complete spin turn. As he listens to the popular song through his headphones, he’s not holding back.

What makes it epic is that he is the only one who can hear the music. People are puzzled as the young man rips a rug without fear of shame.

It’s inspirational to see him dance his heart out in public! Watch him do some hilarious dancing movements.
The dance is actually rather fantastic, but it’s the surprise and uncertainty that makes it so amusing. His amusing video has received over 2 million views, bringing smiles to many as it swiftly transitions from Target to an arcade, to a retail mall, and back to a number of public areas.

The expression on his face the entire time is amazing; his expressions are without a doubt the finest part.

He even breaks it down for some lunchtime ladies!
The excellent dancing continues throughout the video while he listens to «Footloose» on his iPod. Dancing in the Apple Store makes sense when you’re messing about on your iPod.

I like his determination to humiliate himself in front of everyone!

When he hysterically disrupted their meal, he gave them a great gift in the form of some dramatic dancing. They simply ignore him, which is admirable. I would have burst out laughing!