At the age of just 4, these Siamese twins were split apart… Now they are 20 and here is how they look!

Jake and Erin Herrin welcomed Kendra and Malia into the world in February 2002. They were twin Siamese children, and their birth elicited a range of responses.

The new parents were thrilled to be a part of the family but worried about their safety right away. Up until Malia became 4 years old, Kendra and Malia shared a home.

To provide each child the opportunity to be independent, their parents swiftly and firmly decided to separate the twins.

Malia and Kendra could only control one of their two legs because they only had two. However, as soon as they discovered how to cooperate, the girls were able to move and play.

A 31-person team of experts successfully divided the Siamese twins in 2006.

They took more than a day to finish, and the whole incident received a lot of media attention and television coverage, turning Kendra and Malia into mini-celebrities.

The girls were divided when they were four years old. That marked the onset of their respective independence.

They had to quickly adapt to a new way of life despite being forced to. After just three years, the sisters began attending school, occasionally alternating with homeschooling.

The sisters developed their artistic skills. In their room, they might sing along to their favorite song and sketch for hours.

Kendra and Malia have consistently shown their peers that there is hope in even the most bleak of circumstances.

They were considered as the heroes of the school as a result, and their classmates usually made an effort to help them in any way they could.

Now twenty years old, the girls. Now, Malia and Kendra lead fulfilling lives. They sometimes live far apart, but they still prefer to be in close proximity to one another.

Now that they possess their licenses, the girls are experienced drivers. On their YouTube channel and other media profiles, the sisters post interesting occurrences from their life.

Thousands of people keep an eye on the twins. The Herrin sisters are friends with the mother of Siamese twins Kelly and Carter.

Due to their extensive experience in similar circumstances, they provide her wise counsel and give her girls every support they can muster.