Only very few people can spot the rabbit in this image… Can you?

There is undoubtedly a hare here, according to a photo shared by a National Geographic photographer, yet the image only depicts a stump.

Nobody can locate a hare, but the author asserts that if you look closely, the hare will materialize right away. The side view appears to be quite normal.

All the colors are natural and not overly contrasted, so it is evident that it has not been altered.

Finding the alleged hare could be challenging as a result. One day after the photo’s release, it started to circulate on the network.

Many viewers wanted to be shown the exact location of the rabbit’s hiding place in the comments.

Others were certain that the hare had been added later and that the photographer was joking. The hare, though, is visible in the image. Look more closely:

It’s noteworthy because the same author made a similar joke approximately a year prior. He said that a leopard could be seen in the image, and if you look attentively, you can see the animal:

One of the best hides is that of a rabbit in the forest. Why was it difficult to notice him?