At the premiere, “The Princess Diaries” actress who is 40 years old amazed people by her appearance…

I think a special mention should be made of Hathaway’s stylish appearance on the red carpet in a lace mini dress.

Following her prominent roles in “How to Become a Princess,” “Runaway Bride,” and numerous other films, the endearing and extraordinarily gifted actress A. Hathaway achieved widespread fame and acclaim. Even if it’s hard to imagine, the movie star is already 40 years old.

Given her recent appearance on the Red Carpet at the opening of the excellent movie “Eileen,” it is difficult to believe that the successful actress is in her 40s. She hardly looks her age at all.

She caught everyone’s attention there with her lovely appearance in a classy lace little dress. Black tights, tall platform boots, and a matching leather coat helped Hathaway achieve a stylish image.

One can hardly tell how old the endearing actress is from these pictures. She is set to enter her fifth decade, and many people have observed how magnificent and fantastic she looks while seemingly defying aging.

Would you have guessed the actress was 40 already? What movies have you seen with her as the lead?