Aunt Writes Emotional Note to Stranger Who… Shocking story…

People always tell kids not to talk to strangers, but everyone is glad that little Isaiah Miller didn’t listen to that advice in a sports stadium.

In September 2018, Isaiah’s aunt Star Balloon-Bradley took her nephew to a football game. While there, Isaiah wandered up to the stands and started talking to a woman he had never met before.

He ended up crawling into her lap, and the two of them were “talking like they knew each other.”

Aunt Star didn’t get the woman’s name before she left, but a few weeks later, she saw the same football fan sitting in the stands again.

“He saw her right away after we sat down at the game,” Balloon-Bradley wrote. “She gave him a wave, and he walked over to her.

I thought they would act the same way as they did before, but I was wrong. Isaiah walked right up to her, crawled into her lap, and put his head on her shoulder. She gave him a warm welcome.”

“This woman patted and rocked Isaiah to sleep as if she were his mother. It was the nicest thing! We asked her if she wanted us to go get him, but she kept saying she was fine.

Isaiah and this woman have only met for 20 minutes at a game two weeks ago.

Balloon-Bradley took a picture of the conversation and posted it to Facebook, where it was shared thousands of times.

She said she tried to talk to the woman and apologize for her nephew, but Mrs. Angela During insisted that Isaiah was her new friend and she was happy to spend time with him.

“She went on to say that she only has one 15-year-old child and that moments like this are worth a lot,” Balloon-Bradley said.

“With all the racial tension going on, I’m glad to see these pictures because they show that color doesn’t matter to many people… When we fight about things, we forget to enjoy the simple things in life.”