15-Year-old Melts the Hearts of Airline Passengers When She Befriends Blind and Deaf Passenger… But then it turns out …

Lynette Scribner’s Facebook post about the kindness of strangers on her last flight went viral after she posted a moving photo and story about it:

She saw a man named Tim at Logan Airport in Boston who seemed to be both deaf and blind. After visiting his sister, he was leaving town. Lynette saw her sign into his hand so he could feel her words.

On an Alaska Airlines flight, he had been given the middle seat in Lynette’s row.

“The nice man who had the aisle seat was kind enough to give it to him. Tim was on his own at this point. The flight attendants really wanted to help him, but they couldn’t talk to him.

“I watched as he touched their faces and arms and they didn’t move. They took his hand and tried very hard to talk to him, but it didn’t work.

He could talk a little, but it was clear he couldn’t understand them.

“The man who gave up his seat did his best to help Tim with things like opening coffee creamer and putting it in his coffee.

When Tim tried to stand up and feel his way to the bathroom, the person sitting next to him got up right away to help him.

Someone among the flight attendants suggested putting out a call to see if anyone on board knew sign language.

“Then this beautiful young woman entered the picture. She learned American Sign Language when she was 15. She had dyslexia, and ASL was the easiest foreign language for her to learn.

She took care of Tim for the rest of the flight and made sure his needs were met. It was very interesting to see her sign each letter into his hand.

He could “read” her sign language, and they had a lively conversation.

“When he asked her if she was pretty, she blushed and laughed, and her seatmate, who knew a few signs, gave Tim an enthusiastic yes.

“I don’t remember the last time I saw so many people come together to help another person. We were all laughing and smiling because it was clear that he was happy to have someone to talk to.

“Alaska Airlines flight attendants deserve a lot of praise for going out of their way to meet Tim’s needs.

“I can’t say enough good things about this beautiful young woman named Clara, who helped another passenger without thinking twice.

It was a beautiful reminder, in a time with too much bad, that there are still good people willing to help each other… We all need good news, and this was exactly what we needed.”