Dad Confronts by Treating Him Like a Son And Now the Homeless Boy Has Money and Friendship… But see what happened with him before that…

When this man heard that his son was being picked on at school, he decided to deal with the problem in a more kind way.

When Aubrey Fontenot heard that his 8-year-old son Jordan was being picked on at school by a boy named Tamarion, he was angry.

But instead of fighting fire with fire, he decided to invite the boy out for some one-on-one time.

Aubrey picked up Tamarion in his car and drove him around Houston, Texas, with permission from the boy’s family. Aubrey asked Tamarion, “Why are you fighting with Jordan?” as they sat in the car.

Tamarion told his father, much to his father’s surprise, that it was because other kids at school were picking on him for not having clean clothes.

A quick phone call to the boy’s mother showed that the family was living in a car and had trouble getting money.

Aubrey didn’t think twice about taking Tamarion shopping for new clothes as if he were his own son. After that, they laughed and sang along with the radio the rest of the way home.

Aubrey says, “We don’t know what these kids are going through these days because most of us don’t care.” “And this is a story that a lot of people have…

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time shopping and teaching this young man how to have self-respect. Morals and honesty. Confidence. And other things that go into becoming a great man from a troubled youth.”

Then Aubrey put Tamarion across from his son and told them to talk things over.

Even though the two boys sat awkwardly across from each other for a few minutes at first, Aubrey finally got them to “settle things like men” and start talking.

The boys are now the best of friends.

Jordan and Aubrey have been spending their days at Aubrey’s tattoo shop playing video games with each other. They are even planning to spend the night together soon.

Aubrey also set up a GoFundMe page for Tamarion’s family, which has raised almost $23,000 in just a few days.

Aubrey says, “Things turned out even better than I could have ever hoped.”