Baby girl and her imagined buddy have a sweet phone call… Watch it here!

Having a thorough chat with your imagined friend requires some imagination and youth. On a make-believe phone call, this toddler is having the time of her life.

If toddlers were eligible for the Oscars, Daisy would have won numerous times. A toddler picks up the hotel phone and has a whole chat, with boredom being the main driver. She is the only person on the line, though it takes a while to realize this.

The acting is flawless, and there are just enough pauses to give the impression that she is speaking to a real person. Technically, she was speaking with her fictitious best buddy.

But the mannerisms in the video are what really stand out. The body language and hand signals suggest something quite strange. That implies that there is a significant chance she has witnessed this exchange countless times at home.

Nobody is certain if Daisy is imitating her mother or an older sister. Right down to getting interrupted by her father when it’s time to depart, the mimicry appears dead on.

The father was so ecstatic about this that he wasted no time posting about it on all of his social media accounts. He probably laughed, even more, when he saw that his daughter had adopted some household practices. It was a special moment during a family vacation, and perhaps it was the first of many.

Check out the video here: