Baby listens to mother’s voice and enjoys massages from grandmother… Watch the adorable moment here!

More than half of the entire duration of childbearing has already passed as of the 22nd week of pregnancy. The unborn child is already completely formed while in the womb and is currently only developing and getting ready for an independent life away from the mother’s body.

Keep in mind that the infant starts to recognize sounds at around 12 to 16 weeks, and by day 22, he is responding to the voices of his parents. Of course, the mother is the first voice the infant hears.

The vibration of your voice, together with the pulse of your breathing and heartbeat, passes through your entire body before the child’s auditory canals are developed. He is already making some inferences from voices and sounds in the final trimester and displaying a range of responses.

You may relax knowing that your youngster can clearly hear and recognize the sounds of those who are always around you. He is already familiar with his father’s voice and might even prefer a voice that he finds pleasing on a personal level. The newborn may experience severe jolts in response to a voice (or any other sound) that is overly harsh or loud.

Scientists have established that when children hear their parent’s voices, they respond to their intonation and become calmer, which causes their heartbeat to return to normal. So, keep your voice down and your discourse in a quiet tone.

Here is the video: