Barbra Streisand’s son went to study abroad and here is how both of them look after 20 years…

The Hollywood diva Barbra Streisand was involved in multiple romances with well-known men during her life. The men she has dated include Liam Neeson, Richard Gere, Jon Voight, Clint Eastwood, James Brolin, and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, but this list is not comprehensive.

Despite this, Barbra has only ever given birth to one child, a son named Jason, who was born in 1967 to her and her first spouse, Elliott Gould.

The young actress did not feel delight as a consequence of the addition to the family; rather, she felt dread as a result of the change. Streisand, who is scared of being a bad mom, puts her son in boarding school because she feels it is in his best interest.

Due to the fact that she had a busy filming schedule, the actress did not want to devote her time to rearing a child. Because of everything that happened, she was unable to have a strong relationship with her son Barbra.

They did not communicate with one another at all for approximately twenty years, and Barbra Streisand did not even attend the wedding of her son.

And Jason had stated in the past that he planned to write a book on his childhood, which was marked by his mother’s strict and authoritarian guidance.

Gould, who is now 55 years old, possesses a peculiar genetic composition that has resulted in the production of an exceptionally good-looking man.

Although he has been in a handful of movies, his primary interest has been on directing and writing scripts.