Be aware of startling light bulb discovery. Man warns people!

House fires have always been one of my worst worries. Although I’ve never had one, I always triple-check the stove, candles, and dryer vent for lint. However, a recent Facebook post by Kentucky resident Jason Whitaker highlighted a fire threat that I had never considered.

Jason stated that he kept smelling something resembling an electrical fire and nearly tore his house apart, attempting to locate the cause. He eventually discovered that a fluorescent spiral light bulb was the source of the stench. Ladybugs gathered inside the bulb’s spiral coils, drawn to the light and heat, and almost ignited.

“Inside the spiral coils of the light bulb were nothing but ladybugs,” Jason told me. His photographs depicted the potential danger, with a ladybug aggregation on the verge of igniting due to the bulb’s heat.

If you use fluorescent spiral light bulbs in your light fixtures or lamps, make sure to regularly inspect them for rodents trying to warm up inside. Jason’s experience demonstrates a simple check that might help avoid a house fire.

“I found it important to share Jason’s post with you all,” he said, “as this is a potential fire hazard I would have never known about.”

Regularly inspecting these light bulbs will help you avoid a potentially deadly scenario and keep your home safe from unforeseen fires.