Because of poverty, a 97-year-old grandma ended up missing her prom, but look at what her grandkid did…

A woman made the decision to take action after learning that her grandmother had skipped a number of enjoyable childhood experiences, including sitting on Santa’s lap and going to the ball. She surprised her grandma with a crown and a special invitation, on the one hand.

Since the 1920s, Helen Danis of West Warwick, Rhode Island, had many adventures, but prom was not one of them. She yearned for the magic night of 1939, but her family couldn’t afford to purchase her a dress, new shoes, or makeup since it was the end of the Great Depression.

Mother of Helen, an only child, passed away five days after Helen was born. Helen lived with her grandmother until she was six years old, but after her father remarried, she was brought up by her stepmother.

Helen’s family was struggling financially, especially when her father lost his job at the factory, and all they had was money from her stepmother’s employment at a department shop. She stayed home after that and skipped her high school dance.

She only had admiration and love for her beautiful grandmother when she came up with a fantastic suggestion.

But she also went through other things as a child. After finding she couldn’t keep up with the other students, Helen claimed she began to feel like a fish out of water and decided to quit school.

She wed Lionel Vallière, a carpenter, a year later, in 1940. Three children—two daughters and a son—were born to the happy couple, who made a wonderful life together.

Vallière sadly passed away in 1956 from brain cancer, and Helen was left on her own to maintain her children. She had to find work at a department store’s sewing department.

The West Warwick resident claimed to have been married three times again and to have outlived two of them. Eugene Danis, a former businessman who she later married, and the couple celebrated 27 years of wedded bliss in 2019. Helen noticed that her husband didn’t enjoy dancing, something she enjoyed passionately, despite their active lifestyle.

Helen faced many difficulties, yet nothing could make her lose her joy. Helen took on new duties as a grandmother and great-grandmother as her children grew older and went on exciting excursions over time.

She sat down with Julie Huddon, her granddaughter, who had always been interested in learning more about her grandmother’s life, one day in 2019. Julie claimed that her grandma had lived a difficult life and had a lot of unpleasant memories.

When Helen first sat on Santa’s lap in 2018, Julie noted that Helen’s face lit up. Shortly after, Julie recalled that a family member had suggested she make a to-do list for her grandmother. Julie loved the suggestion because she was aware of all that Helen had gone through over his life.

Julie, who was very close to Helen, wanted to do something to make Helen’s last years more enjoyable. Helen was telling me about prom and how she was unable to attend due to cost, Julie stated.
She had an excellent thought.

Julie visited Pilgrim High School, where her senior son Evan Huddon, 19, was a student, and spoke with Gerald Habershaw, the principal. Fortunately, she persuaded Habershaw to let Helen and her go to the ball with little Evan. She then started working to carry out the strategy.

Soon after, she pleasantly surprised her grandma by presenting her with a stunning crown and a thoughtful pink card inviting her to the charming evening. Helen was moved by her granddaughter’s heartfelt “pitch,” and she agreed right away. Julie then went out and purchased a gorgeous lilac outfit for her grandmother.

On May 24, 2019, a trolley brought Julie, 48, and her prom date Helen, 97, to Pilgrim High School. Helen put on the stunning outfit and traded in her heels for a comfortable pair of shoes so she could easily perform her signature routines.

The ladies were led onto the dance floor while donning identical bodices, where Helen danced to the Cha-Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, and Hully Gully, a line dance from the 1960s. Evan, a spina bifida patient, participated in his high school prom by dancing while seated in an electric wheelchair.

Helen danced with Habershaw later that night, and she was crowned honorary queen.