These Siamese twins were split up 13 years ago and here is what how they look now that they grew up!

Abby Carlsen and Isabelle’s baby was born in Minnesota in 2006. They were Siamese twins whose chest and abdomen were united. The parents of the girls were aware they would not have typical twins before the children were even born.

The kids’ condition was exceedingly uncommon, so medical professionals started seeking for a secure technique to separate them. Both the media and locals in the area quickly became interested in the newborns. Although they were interviewed multiple times, parents Jesse and Amy found it difficult.

Given that Isabella’s heart was in Abby’s chest and that some of the girls’ organs were shared and others were entwined, it was very challenging to separate the twins. As a result, the parents had a very difficult time deciding to have the surgery.

The Carlsens had to confer with medical professionals for more than six months before deciding on the best surgical procedures. The Mayo Clinic is where the procedure was carried out. It took 12 hours, and 17 surgeons participated. The separation was effective despite the considerable dangers for both girls, but they weren’t released until six months later.

One of the doctors later acknowledged that dividing one liver into two was the most challenging procedure. It’s a true miracle that both girls survived and that the surgery was successful.

The twins agreed to a TV interview when they were 10 years old and briefly discussed their lives. They were 4th graders who lived in North Dakota and participated in gymnastics at the time.

The sisters remained the closest friends despite having completely varied likes and pastimes as they grew up.

Although they are twins, Abby, for instance, has no idea how they could be confused.

Abby and Isabelle are now happy, healthy, and succeed in school. They also live in a loving family.

The ladies find it difficult to accept that the conjoined Siamese twins are actually them after seeing their infant pictures.