Before she broke up with Tom Cruise and miscarried her second child, here is what occurred…

Nicole Kidman, the star of “Aquaman,” was previously wed to renowned Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

Everyone was interested in learning the details of their romance, including their admirers and the general public, as was to be anticipated. The Australian-American actress acknowledged, though, that the constant scrutiny eventually took a toll on her relationship with Cruise.

She made it clear, though, that they were genuinely in love and felt safe with one another. Kidman acknowledged that she only existed as Tom’s wife and not as a separate person while recounting her part of the story.

She once recalled, “At all times, I wasn’t there as Nicole, I was there as Tom’s wife, because I thought I didn’t deserve to be there in my own right.”

The Australian stated that she exclusively relied on her ex-spouse, making their relationship appear to her and the outside world to be a fairy tale. She had begun her life as a “naive and impetuous” young woman when she married at the age of 23.

The “Eyes Wide Shut” actor revealed that after their bubble burst, it was difficult to face reality. She said that because it was a shock to her, it took her some time to recover.

While the outside world saw the happy couple, Kidman actually began to feel “extreme anguish” almost immediately after becoming a wife. The heroine of “Big Little Lies” was prepared to have children when she was 23.

Following her divorce, she stated:

I wanted children as soon as Tom and I got married.

Sadly, an ectopic pregnancy caused the former couple to lose their first child. However, several media outlets claimed that the actress had experienced a miscarriage.

Years later, she emphasized that her first pregnancy had not resulted in a miscarriage. She made it clear that the news had been reported incorrectly.

The movie stars made the decision to pursue a different approach after their loss in order to build a happy family. They consequently adopted two kids: Connor Anthony, who was born in 1995, and Isabella Jane, a daughter who was born in 1992.

Kidman was cut off by the Church of Scientology from Cruise and his kids.

The actor adopted his children through his church; they were born to parents who could not afford to raise them. The actor has remained true to the principles of Scientology.

However, Kidman’s marriage to Cruise deteriorated before she had a chance to really appreciate motherhood as she so deeply desired.

Their divorce, according to Mike Rinder, a former adherent of the Church of Scientology, was mostly brought on by the histrion’s fervent devotion to the religion.

In a book he wrote, Rinder outlined how Cruise was so busy working on “Eyes Wide Shut” in 1997 that he seldom had time to speak with church founder David Miscavige.

Miscavige, who was in daily telephone contact with the actor, found this to be scary. He chose Marty Rathbun to “audit” Cruise as a result.

To help him overcome what they referred to as negativity, this meant taking the actor through the events of his life. Whether it was a person or a job made no difference.

Miscavige’s ultimate goal was for Tom to reaffirm his faith. They realized he was working too much and spending too much time with his wife.

Kidman posed a threat to the actor’s ability to revert to his previous views for the Scientologist director.

Despite being welcomed into the church, she did not exhibit the same level of devotion as her ex-husband. In addition, the founder of Scientology detested psychologists and psychiatrists, and her father was a psychiatrist. Additionally, the movement’s present leaders still harbor this prejudice.

For a serious discussion, the actor was brought in. Additionally, Cruz offered to wiretap his wife’s phone in order to demonstrate his commitment to Scientology. The movement’s leaders enthusiastically embraced this notion because they believed Nicole might discuss Scientology with someone who wasn’t a Scientologist and learn about their organization’s inner workings. Unfortunately, the tape’s creators did not elaborate on the outcomes of this wiretapping.

However, one of the organization’s former members claimed in an interview with the documentary makers that he believed the Scientologists attempted to somehow influence Tom and Nicole’s children, “brainwash” them, and turn them against their mother.

Unfortunately, a few years after their 1997 picture, Cruise served Kidman with divorce papers.

The Australian-American actress had just experienced her only loss during her second pregnancy at the time. But the divorce still went ahead. In 2001, the actors declared themselves to be single.

Miscavige was relieved that Nicole’s “bad influence” was no longer keeping Tom away when Tom and Nicole got divorced. Following that, Cruise increased the intensity of his public support for Scientology and Miscavige, according to Rinder.

The children of the couple continued to attend church and lived with their father after the divorce. They were cut off from their mother who had been adopted.

Bella, the daughter of the performers, spoke with former churchgoer and actress Leah Rimini in 2006. In it, the young woman acknowledged that she had not had the chance to connect with her adoptive mother since she was treated as a suppressive individual.

Even though she lived in the same city as Bella’s wedding in 2015, she was not invited to the event.

According to sources, Connor will likely follow in the footsteps of his sister and skip inviting his adoptive mother to his wedding to Silvia.

According to reports, Kidman attributed the distance between her and her children to the church. Additionally, the actress thought that the religion was to blame for her separation from Cruise.

She is a kind mother who is prepared to accept her children despite her convictions. They have chosen to be Scientologists, thus it is our responsibility as parents to always show them unconditional love, Nicole said in an interview.

She is currently married and a biological mother.

As Tom Cruise’s wife, Kidman spent nearly ten years in the background. Kidman was fortunate to have another opportunity at love. She was an adult who understood what she wanted out of life when she met the multi-award-winning country singer Keith Urban.

I met him later in life, and he’s been the nicest thing that’s ever happened to me, the actress said. She gushed, “That man is the nicest thing that ever happened to me,” as she added.

Nicole’s second chance at love resulted in a genuinely ideal and blissful union. Two years after being married, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sunday, into the world. Faith, their newest daughter, joined the family in 2010.

The “Aquaman” actress has remarked on numerous occasions that she is grateful to have her husband, with whom she has spent the last sixteen years of her life and made priceless memories.

Nicole is truly happy with her current family, despite the fact that she expressed a wish for a larger one.