The granddaughter of Joe Biden got married at the White House… Here are the details!

Naomi, 28, the granddaughter of American President Joe Biden, wed Peter Neal, 25.

The White House served as the venue for the wedding. The British band The Verve’s song Bitter Sweet Symphony played as the bride entered the church in a Ralph Lauren Chantilly lace gown. Hunter Biden and Kathleen Boulet, her parents, were with her. On the South Lawn, in front of roughly 250 guests, the couple swore vows of loyalty.

The occasion was pricey. According to CNN, a company with a starting price of $300,000 organized it.

The oldest grandchild of a U.S. president is Naomi. She was given the name of her late aunt, Biden’s first wife’s child, who perished in a vehicle accident in 1972. The woman obtained her law degree in Pennsylvania. She met Peter there, who is currently a national security law fellow at Georgetown University Law Center.

This wedding is the nineteenth that has taken place inside the presidential house. Pete Souza, a personal photographer for Barack Obama, and Patti Liz, a lover, wed at the White House last April 2013.

The fact that the party was held the day before the American president’s 80th birthday, on November 20, is significant because he will become the first president in American history to reach that milestone. Some online users think Joe Biden planned for Naomi’s wedding to fall on his anniversary in order to draw attention away from his advancing age.

Recently, the family of a different American politician got married. Tiffany, the youngest child of former president Donald Trump and a classmate of Naomi’s, wed entrepreneur Michael Boulos, a Lebanese-American.