Bindi Irwin hikes up a hill with her daughter and husband and shares some sweet photos

Bindi Irwin and her family make sure to get some exercise while enjoying the wonderful outdoors!

The 25-year-old animal researcher shared video footage from a family trip on Instagram Stories on Saturday, July 6, starring her daughter, Grace Warrior, and her husband, Chandler Powell. The trio climbed a difficult hill toward the summit of a mountain, and she trailed after them, filming the journey.

“It’s a very big hike up this big, big mountain, but Grace has got it!” Bindi encouraged her three-year-old daughter in the video.

Grace addressed the camera at one point and lovingly told her mother, “This way is the mountain.”

“We’re gonna get there together,” the Australian TV personality said, before focusing the camera on Powell, 27.

“Strong leg muscles—you’ve got this, girlfriend!” In the video, Bindi informed her daughter about another time.

Bindi also said that Grace discovered a ladybug while on the gorgeous stroll, and the toddler finally caught a piggyback ride before arriving at their destination.

The daughter of late conservationist and The Crocodile Hunter celebrity Steve Irwin chatted with PEOPLE in June about her planned debut children’s book, which will be published in early 2025.

“I’m thrilled to share my passion for wildlife and conservation with soon-to-be Wildlife Warriors of all ages,” Bindi said of the book, called You Are a Wildlife Warrior!: Saving Animals and the Planet.

“It’s so important to love animals and remember that we can all work together to protect their homes and habitats,” she told reporters.

Bindi also hopes that her work has a beneficial influence on the readers and teaches them the value of conservation.

“This generation of children holds the key to a brighter future for our planet, and I hope my book inspires them to appreciate the environment and strive to keep our world a safe and happy place for all creatures,” she told the news organization PEOPLE.

“Sharing my book with Grace, and now the world, is one of the biggest and most meaningful moments of my entire life,” said the writer.