Boy who is blind and autistic had a magical encounter with store Santa…

Mother wanted Santa to be prepared for their visit because she was worried. But in the end, he made it into a memorable event for her.

Because it was the ideal Christmas that a mother could have wished for her son, her post went viral.

Most kids become excited when they think about Christmas.

From the smiles on their faces when they saw their presents under the tree to the wishes in their little imaginations that Santa would come down the chimney.

Another Christmas custom involves kids telling Santa their wish list while they sit on his lap. Misty Wolf worries that her son might not always get to experience that particular moment.

Matthew has autism and was born blind.

He didn’t know what Santa looked like, so he wasn’t as thrilled when they saw one at the mall.

However, Matthew got to like the man in the red costume when Misty began reading him “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Christmas skepticism? Watch the video below to feel Santa’s magic in your heart!

Here is the video: