Boy with Down syndrome was rejected by several agencies… However, here is what happened next…

Asher Nash’s mother really couldn’t figure out why a lot of child modeling companies wouldn’t hire him. Although the youngster did have Down syndrome, he was a brilliant, endearing, and sensitive boy. In other words, he possessed all the requisite traits.

The mother vented her annoyance on social media. To her surprise, a well-known children’s apparel company soon after contacted her and presented Asher with a contract.

Meghan Nash, like many mothers, thinks her baby is a miracle whose grin can light up a room. It makes sense that Meghan contacted multiple modeling agencies with photos of the young Asher.

When Meghan started receiving rejection letters from agencies one after another, she was taken aback and angry.

It was easy to understand why: Asher had Down syndrome. It also turned out that the organizations exclusively ask youngsters with special needs to participate in commercials for their products and services.

Companies’ representatives are unable even to examine candidates who are exceptional children since the database does not contain them.

Children with special needs had no place in mainstream media or traditional advertising. Megan made the decision to alter that.

Asher’s Facebook profile was started by Megan, who started to publish lots of pictures of him there to alert readers to the infringement of “special” children’s rights in advertising.

Additionally, Meghan suggested that Asher model for the well-known worldwide children’s clothing company OshKosh B’gosh.

The open letter from Meghan Nash quickly went viral. OshKosh B’gosh personnel soon reached out to her.

The letter says, “Our organization appreciates your efforts to assure the inclusion of children with special needs in advertising.” “We, for our part, plan to make sure that such children participate in our advertising efforts going forward.”

The firm representative’s statements were not merely empty rhetoric. Asher was given a contract to take part in the next OshKosh B’gosh marketing initiative.

Meghan claimed that she had no intention of turning her son become a supermodel. She merely desired for him to develop in a society where he would have a position among the other citizens.

She states, “I simply want him to be treated as a person, not as a bearer of a condition.”