The groom exited the church just as they were about to exchange rings. Then…

A person’s marriage is one of the most important days in their life.

People today try to be as creative as they can to make that day more unforgettable.

The wedding may become lively and take on a new atmosphere with a few small surprises.

It depends on the personal tastes of the bride and groom, the setting, the company, etc.

In the video below, we see a reasonably startling surprise from the groom!

Robert and Stuart Kettell are very vibrant and imaginative people.

Vicky adopted Stuart as her favorite as a result.

Nobody foresaw that Stuart and Vicky’s wedding would feature one of the most memorable moments in wedding history, when the groom unexpectedly cracked a joke on his future wife-to-be right before the rings were exchanged.

Despite being aware of Stuart’s reputation, the visitors didn’t think he would have the courage to behave that way during the church service.

Everyone who had been invited met at the chapel on the wedding day.

Also, everything was going without a hitch. When the priest asked for the rings, Stuart and Robert panicked out because Stuart had left them at home.

At first, at least, everyone held that belief. The priest, who was certainly aware of the joke, said that without the rings, the wedding could not take place.

Then Stuart fled the church, startling and perplexing the attendees as he did so.

The would-be bride remained by herself at the altar, seeming a little confused and anxious.

But after a time, something happens that makes everyone laugh.

We won’t say too much, so see for yourself in the video below!