Brigitte Bardot was left alone and unable to interact with her grandkids because…

She didn’t want a son, yet Brigitte Bardot had one. She even compared it to trauma while calling it a “tumor,” which is far more. Given that it is about him, Nicolas has parted ways with his mother. The latter no longer has any touch with her grandchildren and now lives alone.

A beloved “BB,” Brigitte Bardot is a legendary figure in French cinema. She was renowned for her legendary beauty and the key to her sensuality. In terms of her family, BB has an only son that she doesn’t want. The actress discussed her experience as a mother and the anguish of giving birth to her son in her 1996 book “Initials BB.” She is open about the fact that she doesn’t want this child.

Nicolas has severed relations with his mother as an adult. He made Norway his home. He had two children after being married, but they don’t speak to their grandmother. Brigitte Bardot resides alone in a Saint-Tropez residence. She spends all of her time with the animals she loves most in the world. the complexity of his relationship with his son and his present circumstances.

In 1959, when she was at the height of her career, BB wed Jacques Charrier. They were much in love, but the birth of their son stood in the way of their relationship. The actress fell pregnant with her spouse when she was 26 years old. She gave birth to their son Nicolas on January 11, 1960.

Later, the well-known “Contempt” actress stated she had never desired this child.

She still has vivid memories of that memorable January 11, 1960:

“In 1960, when Nicolas was born, there was pandemonium all around me… It was insane. The birthing suite erected in my home, the photographers hiding behind the windows, and those who surprised me by dressing up as doctors. No one had any privacy. It was awful,” she recalled.

She stated in her book: “I became a mother precisely when it was not required. It struck me as a tragedy. It caused my son and I to be miserable.

She was correct, as time has shown, as she was never able to establish a relationship with her son.

She never wanted this child, and understandably didn’t get custody of it after her divorce in 1963, according to BB’s book. Nicolas was raised by his father, and his mother never made an effort to contact him until he was a teenager. As he grew older, he created his own life. He did not invite his mother to his wedding to prominent Norwegian model Anne-Line Bjerkan on September 27, 1987.

It took until 1996 for their paths to intersect once more, and when they did, it was under unique circumstances for a mother and her son: in court. The content of his mother’s book, in particular the line “I would have preferred to give birth to a small puppy,” startled Nicolas.

Brigitte Bardot was accused of violating intrauterine intimacy in a lawsuit brought up by Nicolas and his father. He sought millions of francs from the publishing business as well as his mother. In addition, he ordered that the publication of this book be stopped in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, as well as the removal of the pages and images on which he was quoted.

In the end, the actress was mandated to pay her kid 100,000 francs and her ex-husband 150,000 francs.

Nicolas Charrier made the decision to live his life independently of his mother. In actuality, he has made his home in Norway, where he leads a contented life. They have two kids, Anna-Camilla and Thea-Joséphine, together. As with Brigitte Bardot and her son, her grandkids were not very close to her:

“I’ve never met my grandchildren. French is not spoken by them.

She spoke up.

Even though these two women, who are in their late 30s, have never met their paternal grandmother, they hold her in the highest regard.

Nicolas Charrier remade his life after divorcing BB in 1963. He wed France Dreyfus in 1964, and they had two daughters together, Sophie and Marie. Sadly, they got divorced in 1967, and he met Linda—the mom of his daughter Rosalie—in 1982. He wed Makiko, a Japanese photographer, in 2009.

Brigitte Bardot made the decision to remain single following a number of marriages and subsequent divorces. She sought safety in the majestic “Madrague” she named home at Saint-Tropez. Despite the fact that she lives alone there, she may rely on the presence of a sizable number of animals. BB is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and sets an excellent example.

To mention a few, he has birds, cats, dogs, and hair in his house. She enjoys taking care of her animals very much. The Madrague was a part of the actress’s dying wishes because she is so passionate about it. She desires to have her home turned into both her grave and a public museum.