A small hummingbird comes into a woman’s office and begs for help… Then…

When Chloe, a New England-based artist, sat at the table for another day of work in her studio, she was astonished to discover company.

When she turned, she saw a tiny, agitated emerald hummingbird about the size of her hand.

She responded to The Dodo, “I suppose he came to seek me out for assistance. He passed by me in the air and came to a stop nearby.

Although she frequently noticed hummingbirds flying among the neighborhood’s plants, she had never actually seen one up close.

She was astounded by his charm. But why was this young child alone himself?

And so near somebody? She immediately realized that the man must be in need.

“When I first saw him in our classroom, I was startled, but I also grew little nervous for him seeing right away that he was imprisoned,” she said.

Seeing a hummingbird up close was something I had been anticipating, so it made me happy as well. It appeared to be a tiny fairy, in fact!

Barcelou and her partner quickly prepared a sugar-water mixture and spoon-fed some of it to the bird.

The bird happily drank. About two minutes later, he opened his eyes. She saw the energy flowing back into his body.

A video shows Barcelou helping the bird. When the bird had finished drinking, he took to the air.

She was relieved to see her tiny pal back where he belonged—in the sky.

The bird stayed happily around her house the following day as if to express his gratitude for her assistance the day before.

It appeared to be a similar bird carrying a signal, so she remarked, “That’s merely my own sense.”

It just seems normal that it would have responded with a thank you, the author claimed.