British woman discovered a treasure box while cleaning up trash on the beach… You would not believe what she found…

The act of cleaning up the beach should be a reward in and of itself. However, one picker discovered a genuine wooden treasure box made off with a bonus.

Jenny Fitzgerald discovered a chest that was filled with about 100 antique coins, gemstones, a rusty pocket watch, and jewelry.

“I’ve never discovered anything like on a beach before. This was great because I normally seek sea glass and seashells, said Ms. Fitzgerald, 38.

Together with a North Norfolk beach cleanup team, she discovered the treasure on March 20 between Kart Gap and Happiesburg. The 10-inch box was concealed by a sandbar at the bottom of a little cliff.

Ms. Fitzgerald thinks the chest is the result of a recent cliff fall. Despite being covered in sand, Jenny noted that it was in the respectable condition given its age.

Her 40-year-old IT consultant husband, James, assisted her in bringing the 3-pound trunk back to Norwich, where her 6- and 9-year-old children Harrison and Darcy helped remove the sand with old toothbrushes.

They also discovered a silver match with Ernest’s name etched on it, an iron key, and an elaborate perfume bottle.

The chest has been given to Norfolk County Council, who may give it to the coroner to ascertain who is the rightful owner.

The Discovery Liaison Officer believes that this discovery has more historical significance, but my kids believe they will become wealthy, Ms. Fitzgerald continued.

“They had creative ideas. Harrison believed it to be a dream. He seeks for the top Lego set.