Can you solve this math riddle even if only 1 in 7 people get it right the first time?

Riddle-solving is always enjoyable. You get the chance to question the arrogant people around you in addition to getting to put your creative thinking to the test. I believe that everyone wants a little healthy competition in their lives. Who among the group is the smartest?

I found the brainteaser below to be incredibly challenging; it took me some time to figure it out.

Since I was little, I’ve enjoyed solving challenging puzzles and riddles. Eva, my middle school teacher, gave us a lot of challenging assignments, including kid-friendly murder mysteries and visual effects.

It was a wonderful diversion from our regular schooling, and I enjoyed pausing to think carefully about how to solve them.

I still carry Eva’s lessons with me now. I still set aside time each day to relax, put my worries aside, and read a crossword or complete a puzzle while enjoying a cup of tea. In this day and age, I believe we need more brain exercises!

At first glance, the puzzle below seems simple, but take your time! Only one out of seven people, according to some websites, succeed on the first try. Can you make it work?

Have you prepared your response? Okay. Considering that 10 – 2 – 4 – 3 = 1, you might assume that the solution is one goldfish. Though it’s not that simple!

Fish can’t drown since they can breathe underwater. They can’t truly swim away because they are in a little dish. They are remain in the dish even if they pass away.

And ultimately, that is what matters for this puzzle. Not how many people are still living, but how many are still alive.

Thus, the ultimate response is 10!