Liam Neeson reveals the heartbreaking moment he had to stop trying to save his beloved wife and let her go in order to fulfill her final wish…

Richardson was married when they first met, but after getting to know him, she developed the same ardor for him as he had for her.

A Hollywood couple’s chance encounter in an Anna Christie Broadway play from 1993 taught us what real love is. Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson met because of the play.

Richardson was then wed to producer Robert Fox, but after meeting Neeson, she fell in love with him just as passionately as he did with her.

Richardson sadly passed away in 2009, and Neeson never remarried. The Taken actor still grieves for the woman who permanently stole his heart years after losing her.

The couple’s kids, Michael and Daniel, were 13 and 12 years old at the time of her passing.

Richardson and her kid were vacationing in Quebec on a ski trip in March 2009, while Neeson was filming a movie in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, she was hurt in a collision that at first appeared to be minor. Although she smacked her head as she fell, she was unharmed. When his wife called him on the phone, Neeson recalled her saying, “Oh, sweetheart. I slipped and fell in the snow.

Sadly, she was unaware that the harm she had was worse than she could have ever imagined. Richardson experienced a lucid interval, which is a time when a person with a catastrophic brain injury appears normal but is actually under pressure from accumulating blood that can be fatal.

After first refusing medical assistance, Richardson ultimately found up in the hospital. As soon as Neeson was informed of the seriousness of his wife’s illness, he immediately left for Montreal. I took a taxi to the hospital, where I was shown her X-ray by a doctor who appeared to be no older than 17. And it wasn’t necessary to be a rocket scientist to understand what was going on.

You realize? It reminded me of a cartoon. The brain is pressed up against the side of the skull, you know. In addition, the blood is trying to escape. You realize? said the actor.

Then he described the instant he decided to cut the power. “I approached her and confessed my love to her. said, “Sweetie, you’re not getting out of this alive.” Your head has been bashed. I’m not sure whether you can hear me, but this is what’s happened. And we’ll be returning you to New York. We’ll invite all of your family and friends.” And that pretty about sums it up. You realize?

I had a deal with her. If any of us fell into a vegetative state, we would end our lives. You realize? So, when I first saw her and all of these tubes and other things, I thought, “OK, these tubes need to go.” She has left. however, she gave three of her organs.

All of Richardson’s sons are now adults and excel in their fields. They are aware that their mum would be pleased with them.

The sons never miss an opportunity to honor their mother when they can. “No one’s ever gone, they grow more alive,” Daniel wrote in the caption of a picture of her he posted on Instagram.