Check out what happened when the girl decided to back out of being a bridesmaid at her closest friend’s wedding at the last moment…

The young lady had agreed to be a bridesmaid because she would be attending the wedding of her best friend.

Lauren’s intentions contained enjoyment. But while she was preparing for the party, she abruptly became aware that she had spent all of her money on her friend.

She decided at the last minute not to go to the party. I mean, I can understand Lauren’s annoyance; after all, her friend did force her to pay for two tickets.

The maid of honor frequently foots a modest share of the wedding bill in North American tradition. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny bracelet for the bride or bar tabs for a few close friends.

In this way, respect and affection can be easily expressed.

The situation with Lauren, though, was very different.

The bride was revealed to be a very cunning character. Lauren was unaware that she had paid for her own hair and cosmetics, helped organize the party tables, and had purchased the dress, shoes, and jewelry.

The previous evening, Lauren calculated the wedding expenses and was heartbroken. She had gone on a spending frenzy and had spent almost $4,000. And even her wedding wasn’t there!

The bride herself paid her a visit around thirty minutes later and informed her that her family had decided to charge guests to attend the wedding. Lauren would also be responsible.

Long before this, the last straw had already been pulled. Lauren took the choice to stop communicating with everyone and to forgo her friend’s wedding at that same moment.

It’s funny how the bride doesn’t seem to understand how badly her friend was harmed. Humans’ ability to empathize can occasionally be quite limited.