The incredible “spider dance” by a professional dancer is unlike any previous performance… VIDEO attached!

Professional dancer Milena Sidorova has won numerous awards and is well-known for her incredible “spider dance.” Her performance makes it obvious why she won an Olympic gold medal.

Sidorova recalls being totally enthralled by arachnids as a child. The amazing creatures move and go through the environment in a distinctive way. She wanted to use her dance to express what she saw.

She performed a performance that was the result of years of practice in her distinctive dance. She could make herself move like a spider and was also extraordinarily flexible.

Sidorova sits down on the floor and crouches as the music starts. Her head is at the same level as her hands and legs, which are splayed apart.

As she raises and lowers her hands and feet, it is a stunning sight. Sidorova can move as though she has eight legs because of her incredible body control.

Sidorova continues the bizarre show by dancing like a human spider. She imitates going through a complex web and scaling a wall. She then spins around on the stage.

Sidorova moves with precision and well out planning. Her performance displays her interest in spiders. She finally receives a round of enthusiastic applause while grinning widely at the audience.

Check out the video below!