Chimpanzee asked photographer for help to drink water, but what happened next was heartwarming…

If you use social media, you’ve probably seen a video of a chimpanzee asking a photographer for help drinking water. In gratitude, the animal washed his hands. Anand Mahindra uploaded the video, and he had an important message for his fans.

The footage reveals how the chimp pushed the photographer to help him sip water, as well as how the animal reciprocated. The Mahindra Group Chairman reminded us that the regulation also applies to your workplace. If you help your community and workplace, they will also receive assistance when needed.

This video made its way around the world last week. A Chimpanzee in Cameroon, Africa, purportedly requested a photographer’s help in sipping water and then rewarded him by gently washing his hands. Anand Mahindra imparted a crucial lesson: “To achieve success, lend a helping hand to those in your community and workplace, and they will reciprocate.”

Watch the video here.