Conjoined twins “Tied In An Affection” had to be separated during a 11-hour surgery… Here is what happened to them…

Sarabeth and Amelia are thriving, strong, and content on their own one month following the operation.

Despite their concerns about the future of the conjoined twins who shared a liver, Phil and Alyson Irwin, who already had a daughter named Kennedy, were happy to welcome their twin kids into the world and complete their family.

On June 11, 2019, Sarabeth and Amelia came to life. Doctors had hope that the sisters could be separated in the future because they had independent digestive systems and pairs of limbs and legs despite being conjoined.

The hearts were very, very near together, but they were separate, the physicians could see. Many people’s decision-making was based on that. It was conceivable that they had different hearts, the mother claimed.

The girls became ill at the time of the original separation operation date in February 2020; thus, it was moved to a later date. However, until August 2020, surgeons were unable to execute the much-anticipated surgery due to the coronavirus epidemic. Dad Phil spoke about the waiting time by saying, “We spent a lot of really nice family time together. Prior to the second date set for their operation, we got to watch the girls develop and become so strong and healthy that it made me feel really, really wonderful.

The parents were eager to hold their daughters separately and see them fall asleep in different beds.

The wishes of the Irwin family were granted by the medical staff at Michigan Medicine C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. The one-year-old sisters were successfully separated by a group of more than twenty surgeons, nurses, and other specialists who spent months preparing for the difficult process.

The final cut to divide these girls from one to two was “a very emotional and extraordinary moment for everybody in the room,” said George Mychaliska, M.D., a pediatric and fetal surgeon at Mott.

“This was a tremendous team effort involving almost every clinical department here and a group that was extremely motivated to collaborating in the most creative way,” said one participant.

According to Dr. Marcie Treadwell, head of Michigan Medicine’s Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center, only 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 250,000 births result in conjoined twins. The survival delivery and survival rate, however, are becoming increasingly rare. The good news is that adorable Sarabeth and Amelia overcame the odds and are now content and healthy.

Parents claim that those who are unaware of the girls’ history find it difficult to believe that they were ever connected together.

Following the successful surgery, Sarabeth and Amelia are prospering and allowing their distinct personalities to emerge.

Phil remarked, “Amelia is a little bit of a princess or a diva.” She expresses all of her feelings openly. Amelia can’t hide how she feels… It’s hilarious to observe Sarabeth’s eccentric behavior now that they are apart because of how silly that little child actually is on the inside and out.

The family is ecstatic. “This has been a huge experiment in the power of positive thinking and the power of prayer,” Phil stated in a statement to the Detroit Free Press. Do you know? People need positive news. On that, people survive.

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