Customers are outraged at the entrance sign, and the restaurant’s answer is fantastic

Many of you may be familiar with the veterans’ discount. Because of the men and women who serve in the police force, we live in a secure and lawful society.

Many individuals feel they are underpaid, despite the fact that their work is one of the most difficult and important in our country.

Recently, a KFC restaurant in Ohio decided to join in on the fun. The store’s posting of the notice elicited several online responses.

Regardless of the time or day, the business policy was to enable all uniformed personnel to dine for free. The original plan was to provide a discount on the chicken to express gratitude to the local cops. Finally, this new policy was ready to get more notice online.

When this photograph was shared on the Facebook page Ohio Going Blue, it sparked several debates.

Despite receiving over 10,000 likes and 6,000 shares, there were several points of view.

Commenters questioned if it was even necessary to make this offer to cops. Other comments stated that they would prefer not to be given extra attention as officers and would rather pay for it themselves. Administrators of Facebook pages have made the following comments:

«While this is a wonderful post, some of you are missing the wider picture. As an officer, I never go into a business expecting anything to be free, whether I’m in uniform or not. Other officers share my sentiments. «Special treatment» does not sit well with us. The rationale for the post is that KFC is recognizing police enforcement. To those who said that additional first responders should be recognized: My response? ABSOLUTELY.»

Despite the media attention, the sign will stay on display in the business.

Let this sign serve as an homage to the cops who put their lives in danger, so they know we appreciate their efforts.

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