Dad captures his twins enjoying a lovely discussion at the perfect moment…

When a baby tries to speak, it can be cute, but nothing compares to the cuteness of identical newborns conversing. When Roy Johannik was filming his twins, he overheard them having the most precious little discussion.

Merle and her brother Stijn unquestionably appear to share the same outlook. Twins have always been noted to have this quality, nearly to the point where they appear to be able to converse without speaking.

Although no one is aware of any twins who are truly capable of doing that, twins frequently create their own hidden language when they are very young.

Due to their early ages, Merle and Stijn appear to be producing illogical noises. But eventually, they’ll undoubtedly start communicating with one another in their own unique “twin speak.” Onomatopoeia, words that sound like what they are (like boom, splash, meow, etc.), and some made-up words appear to be a staple of twins’ unspoken communication.

However, a large portion of twin speak entails giving existing terms entirely new meanings. Word order is also frequently jumbled up. Every set of twins has its own unique dialect that only they and no one else can understand. The twins’ ability to learn a conventional language may take longer as a result of twin talk. Why bother learning a new language if you already have one that works wonderfully with the person you spend practically all of your time with?

View the video linked below to observe Merle and Stijn conducting their “chat” while paying close attention to one another. What they are discussing is entirely obscure. Could they be thinking back on their time in the womb? discussing the relative benefits of various baby food brands? Whatever it was, their father laughed uncontrollably and appeared to enjoy it.

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Watch the video here: