Dad’s first thought was to go to the mom’s computer when she passed away 27 hours after giving birth…

Situations can change as quickly as the wind since life is such a delicate thing.

The majority of us never give this any thought, but we will all always remember it. Your life will be dramatically altered by just one occurrence, turning light into darkness and happiness into misery.

Ask Matt Logelin!

He experienced a major life transformation in March 2008. He was experiencing happiness after becoming a father for the first time.

But what happened next was unimaginable to anyone.

His world abruptly turned upside down 27 hours later. Suddenly, the future appeared gloomy, his plans fell through, and he found himself alone on a perilous path. He then logged into his computer, where things altered once more.

Liz and Matt met while still in high school. Their bond was characterized by passion, love, and ambitious plans. After graduating from high school, they made the decision to get married one day while still dating. They had been together for eight years at this point.

Liz became pregnant quite quickly after that!

Liz made the decision to start a blog so she could keep everyone informed about her life because their family were dispersed across the nation. She detailed her daily activities and the sensations she had while pregnant in her writings.

Her pregnancy was difficult. Friends and family were kept informed via the blog at one time when Liz was experiencing issues and had to visit the hospital, but they were also very concerned.

She was prepared to give birth in March 2008. Little Madeline was delivered by caesarean section seven weeks ahead of schedule.

There were no limits to the joy that Matt and Liz experienced. They at last achieved their goal of becoming parents! They entered a new phase of their life. Look at how happy Matt is.

Sadly, the journey’s thrilling beginning rapidly turned into a nightmare. Liz required a lot of rest after giving birth, so she did not have a lot of opportunity to see and touch Madeline. But Mom had to meet her little darling the following morning.

However, things did not go as expected. Liz rose from her bed and started to move when she abruptly fell to the ground.

After giving birth, Liz lost her life to a severe pulmonary embolism 27 hours later.

The agony Matt experienced was unbearable.

After the significant event in his life, everything he knew and was accustomed to abruptly crumbled and broke. He was in excruciating anguish and despair.

The father alone himself needs a space to process his emotions. He then had the bright notion to log on to Liz’s computer.

He turned on the computer, went to Liz’s site, and started his own blog.

He wrote for a while and then continued to write.

As a widower, a single dad, and a grieving man, Matt shared his heart and thoughts in the same blog where his darling Liz wrote and detailed her pregnant experience.

He detailed every emotion and step he took after Liz’s passing in the blog.

It was truthful. It was genuine. It had opened. He made himself vulnerable.

When Matt continued to update his blog, word of it soon spread online and he gained a following among his friends.

Within a few months, the blog had an average of 40,000 daily visitors. And it continued to expand.

Matt had never met the readers before, but they ended up becoming like family. They started exchanging pointers and suggestions for Matt regarding how to cope with the sorrow and suffering.

Matt remarked, “I never imagined people would offer me advise or assist me along this process.

The advice covered a variety of subjects, including how to be ready for a flight with the infant.

“It aids me; it aids me daily. In other words, it’s about the challenges Madeline will face in the future. “I want her to look back on this in 20 years and wonder, “Wow, how did you achieve all this?”,” Matt remarked.

“I want Liz’s dream life for Madeleine for her. She is my entire world, after all. She is my entire world, and all that matters to me right now is her. She is the best, and she will remain such throughout my lifetime.”

Matt’s chat with Rachel Ray was really heartfelt. Watch it in the following video: