Here Are The Best Three Ways To Escape Materialism…

Our parents, our educational system, and the media indoctrinate us from the moment of our birth to believe that success is determined by financial gain. Relationships, joy, and happiness come second to money. We currently live in a world where people are slaves to the dollar because our culture places the highest priority on material accomplishment.

Slavery occurs when your employment is only done for your own survival and no longer serves as a means of economic growth.

The majority of individuals are slaves to their material desires, and they spend their entire lives attempting to pay off debt incurred as a result of purchases and payments that have accrued over time. There is a decent possibility that you work a 9–5 job and are tired of it if you are reading this. Perhaps you feel mentally enslaved in a world of statistics and material concerns and wish to free yourself.

Whatever your particular circumstance, the truth is that the vast majority of readers of this are tired of being in debt, working long hours, and being influenced by commercials to make unnecessary purchases. The good news is that you don’t have to lead a consumerist lifestyle just because you live in a consumerist society.

Here are three strategies for escaping materialism and reclaiming your soul:

1) Escape the grind

Who established the need that we work Monday through Friday from 9 to 5? Who established the requirement that we complete our education before beginning a full-time job? Who established the law stating that we must work 40 years of our lives in a full-time job and can only retire at the age of 60 or 70?

You are not required to act in accordance with what the majority of people in society and your parents believe you should. Leave the rat race if you are tired of it. No one is forcing you to work 40 hours per week at a job you detest by holding a gun to your head. But surely the bills must be paid? This brings up the following point.

2) Avoid aiming to impress.

We only need to work 40 hours a week because we spend money on things we don’t need to impress those around us. We figure we need to amass as many belongings as we can since we are taught that success and value are determined in material terms. You would only need to work half as many hours as you do today if you cut your expenses in half and lived independently.

Do you actually need to get your new automobile financed? Should you purchase a secondhand one instead? Does a 2000 square foot home with brand-new appliances really need to be your home? Really, do you need that brand-new television? or those high-end garments? most recent iPhone? Those pricey laptops?

We frequently make ourselves our slaves in order to satisfy our egos’ desire to appear successful to others. Our perception of our value and worth is based on how we compare to other individuals. Adults say “My houses is nicer than your houses” in the same manner that children used to say on the playground, “My dad can beat up your dad.”

As you can see, some people never grow out of this mindset from the playground. And as a result, a lot of individuals are living paycheck to paycheck. In the end, it is this quest of egoic self-glorification that makes us dependent on money and robs us of our happiness. This leads to the following point.

3) Go beyond the subject.

Don’t base your identity on other people, your possessions, or the way of life you lead. Define yourself in light of your connections to God and yourself. Are you satisfied spiritually? Do you experience inner serenity and wholeness? How can something be referred to as success if not?

The material world becomes absurd to you once you have a glimpse of the part of yourself that is deeper than the tangible. There is no longer a reason to continue the never-ending chase of financial success once you enter that limitless realm of grace and tranquility through meditation or communion with nature. How many Buddhist monks do you believe are completely indebted?

The most miserable, overweight, stressed-out, and indebted civilization in the world is also the one that tells us that success is judged by material success. In America, suicide is currently the 10th leading cause of death. I believe that a significant portion of depression is caused by people growing up in a society that is spiritually bankrupt, dull, consumer-driven, and enslaved to a piece of paper.

You are not required to serve capitalism, materialism, or consumerism as your master. Be bold. By quitting the rat race, living within your means, being aware of when to cut back, and beginning to meditate or practice yoga, you will be able to access a world of opportunities that you were previously unaware of.