Despite being 55 years apart, two sisters remained unaware of one another’s existence and the circumstances behind their childhood separation…

Mary McLaughlin, 55, and Diana Ward, 58, are half-sisters. Despite being born to the same mother, they were split up when they were little after their mother passed away from breast cancer.

The daughters were raised by different households and were unaware of one another for the majority of their lives. Even though they had grown up next to each other, their homes were only a few blocks apart.

The sisters might perhaps have known one another as children. After getting married, Diana relocated to the UK, and Mary established her own family in Arkansas.

Everything was made evident when the older sister gave herself a present for Christmas and successfully completed a DNA test that determined whether or not she had any relatives among those whose data was kept in a specific database.

The surgery took many months and cost $50. Diana discovered her second cousin when the results were released, and she later contacted her online. Then a distant kin claimed to have a half-sister.

Diana tracked down the supposed sister’s contacts, wrote to her, and then the two spoke on the phone via video link.

Women started to call daily. Diana later traveled to her sister in the USA after traveling 5,000 kilometers. They were thrilled with their initial encounter.

The sisters characterized this moment as love at first sight because they were both out of breath. Mary saw her mom and other relatives features in Diana’s appearance right away. The sisters’ one sorrow was that their mother would not be present to witness this happy reunion.