Despite being 94 years old, Mathilde Klein still dances like she’s 20…

Dance is ageless. And it is always possible. This clip demonstrates it. The 94-year-old Matilda danced with her young companion, Danny, till the audience applauded.

And who would have imagined that this lovely, energizing dance would be so inspiring when she first emerged with the aid of her walkers? Grandma would start the little ones off early! After the song “Dancing in the Rain” was played, the crowd was in for another wonderful surprise!

She did, however, dance a brisk and energetic dance. A granny like that demonstrated to the youth what it is to be active at any age.

She gave such a fiery performance that the audience fell silent. Due to its capacity for genuine surprise, the audience was unable even to envision such a performance.

That is how you dance! The audience was in awe and completely in shock! Just not what the audience was expecting. Wonderful performance!

Check it out below!